Dubai Virtual Office – Do you really need to set up one?

A dubai virtual office setup is an intelligent way for your start-up or SME (small to medium enterprises) to cut down on any aloft cost and improve profits while expanding its reach. As a virtual office in Dubai works primarily online, you can control operations from anywhere — whether it’s your home office or a coffee shop.

However, while a virtual offices in dubai delivers several advantages such as flexibility and scalability, positioning your virtual office company can be problematic. In this article, we’ll cover a step process for a thriving virtual office Dubai setup. We’ll also highlight the advantages of setting up a Virtual office in Dubai.


What is a Dubai Virtual Office?


A virtual office in Dubai is a service that delivers the same resources (workspace, tools, equipment) that a standard office does — but via the internet.

Virtual offices in Dubai organisations offer systems essential for your team to engage in remote job. They also deliver services that can enhance your remote company’s brand image so you can achieve more potential clients.

Some typical services these companies provide include:

  • A virtual business address.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Meeting room assistance.
  • Virtual receptionist assistance.
  • Temporary private office.


Virtual Office in Dubai – How To Set Up?

Dubai Virtual Office

Step 1: Map Out Your Plan

The foremost step to setting up a successful virtual office is having a business plan, as you would with any other conventional business. While forming a plan, evaluate your business’ specific requirements.
Some of the things you should incorporate in your business plan are:

  • Organizational summary.
  • Company description.
  • Industry and competitor research.
  • Breakdown of your organizational and management structure.
  • Services/products you’ll deliver.
  • Marketing and sales plan.
  • Budgets and financial forecasts.


Once you’ve created this plan upfront, you’ll be able to choose your staffing, resources, and other requirements. These are all important to ensuring the triumph of your virtual business.


Step 2: Recruit The Right People

Having a virtual office gives you the ability to tap into a greater talent pool because you’re not limited by geography.
You can recruit the finest people from anywhere in the globe — so focus on recruiting the suitable people for your business.
Although a virtual office’s flexibility is appealing to most people, not everyone is cut out for working in that type of environment.
Determine whether you’ll be hiring staff for HR, payroll, sales, marketing, etc. or whether you’ll outsource these assignments to a virtual assistant.


Step 3: Set up your phone system and office address

There are numerous virtual office phone systems and organisations that can deliver you virtual business addresses and phone numbers. A physical address and office landline can do more than just serve a practical purpose – they can also help you project a professional image.

We will examine both of these services in more detail below:

    • #1. Phone System


A virtual phone system can deliver you one primary phone number, local numbers, toll-free numbers, call centre services, etc.
The company should provide features such as caller ID, voicemail, music-on-hold, conference calling, call forwarding, unlimited extensions, three-way calls, and more.

The best part is that you don’t need to purchase any extra hardware for these virtual office tools. They offer “Mobile Office” applications for both Android and iPhone devices, so you can access everything you need right from your phone.


    • #2. Business Address


Even though you are working for a virtual company, you’ll require a business address to obtain your mail.
Further, you may require a temporary conference room for client meetings.

They deliver a virtual mailing address (also known as a virtual business address) — a permanent street address where your mail is delivered.


Step 4: Attain A Domain Name and Email Address

If you’re a small business owner, who’s presently using a Gmail account, you should definitely consider changing your email extension to your company domain. For example, It looks more professional and it will help you get taken more seriously by potential clients and customers.

Your domain name is the unique hostname that identifies your website on the internet.
You can find affordable domain name options with pricing as low as $0.99 from companies like
But before you settle on an available domain name and pay to register it, you should learn more about choosing the right domain extension for your business.
Not all extensions are created equal, and using the wrong one could hurt your chances of ranking high in search engines or appearing credible to customers.

These are the three main extensions available:

    • .com: The most prevalent and sought-after domain extension for domain

Names. A “.com” extension denotes online commercial enterprises.

  • .biz: Usually utilised for small business websites.
  • .net: Another domain extension used by small companies if the .com


Step 5: Focus on Communication and Collaboration

Maintaining good communication is even more crucial in a virtual office than in a physical office space.
A lack of communication can be extremely detrimental for virtual companies since it can make employees feel isolated and uninvolved.

In a virtual office, managers and supervisors should interact more often with employees to create a working relationship.
Your employees need to have access to the virtual communication and collaboration tools that will enable them to work together as a productive team. These tools will help them stay connected and facilitate efficient collaboration so that tasks can be completed more quickly and with fewer errors.


Dubai Virtual Office Benefits

Virtual offices offer many benefits to employees and employers alike, including increased productivity, reduced commuting costs, and more flexible work hours. Virtual offices also have a number of financial benefits, such as lower overhead and technology costs. In short, virtual offices are a more cost-effective solution to modern working.

So how does a dubai virtual office work for your business? There are many benefits of virtual offices for a business. From remote work to business support, the advantages of virtual offices include:

#1. Makes Businesses More Professional, Credible, Legitimate

A physical business address is important for the image of your company. It will make you look more credible and professional to have an address on your business cards, website and email, rather than a mobile number or home address. This will also make you appear more approachable to prospects and clients. Having a virtual office at a prestigious business address will ensure that your brand maintains a credible and legitimate business image.

#2. Work From Anywhere

A key benefit of a virtual office is the ability to work from anywhere. This is ideal for those who want the flexibility to work remotely, as it gives you the freedom to work from locations that suit you – whether that’s at home, from a beach, or from a park. If all your business needs is an internet connection, then a virtual office could be the perfect solution for you.

#3. No Commute – environmentally friendly

Virtual offices are more environmentally friendly than traditional offices for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is no commute which means fewer carbon dioxide emissions. This in turn reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment. Secondly, no commute also means you do not have to sit in traffic, wait for buses or squeeze onto crowded trains. Plus, you’ll have the time once wasted on your commute free to dedicate to working on things that really matter.

#4. Increase Satisfaction & Productivity

Virtual office solutions are fantastic for boosting employee satisfaction – this is because they allow employees to work from home, saving money on their commute and giving them more freedom and flexibility when it comes to their work-life balance. This usually decreases employee turnover, as they’re happier and less stressed in the job.

Virtual offices can help employees work in a more relaxed setting, which in turn can improve productivity. Employees who are happier tend to work better, so this is a great way to increase efficiency and get more done.

#5. Cost-Effective

.A virtual office is a great way to reduce business expenses. By having a prestigious business address, you can avoid the high costs associated with traditional physical office space, including rent, commuting and transportation, office equipment and maintenance, a full-time receptionist, relocation costs, work attire, and more.


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Winding Up


Setting up a virtual office in Dubai can seem like a great idea. It can be convenient for the business owner, and it allows for more flexibility for the employees. However, a virtual office may not be necessary for every small business. If you are a small business owner, and you are thinking of setting up a virtual office, it may be time to look at the positives and negatives of this option.

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